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The Oxley Safety Tub Vs. Traditional Walkin tubs

The Oxley Tub

The time required to fill this tub is the same as a standard bathtub.

This tub drains water in 55 seconds.

This tub allows you the ability to recline and extend your legs completely.

This tub is “user friendly” to paraplegics and to those who are missing their lower limbs.

This tub has an extra wide door.

This tub’s seating area is wheelchair height for safe and easy entry and exit.


The Oxley Tub can easily be installed in less than 3 hours.

This tub can be installed with a minimal amount of work.

This tub does not require any plumbing or electrical work.

Our Safety Tub can easily be moved and re-installed in another location with minimal renovation to the bathroom.

The Oxley Tub is made in America.

Traditional Walk in Tub

Average time to fill this tub with water is 20 minutes.

Average time to drain the water in this tub is 15 to 20 minutes, and many times it requires a larger water tank.

In this tub, you must remain in a “sitting” position.

This tub cannot be used for the paralyzed or those who are missing their lower limbs.

This tub has a narrow door.

This tub design has a possible risk for tripping and falling during entry and exit.


This tub usually requires a 2-day installation period.

This tub requires extensive demolition work which includes the removal of door jambs, removal of the tub, tile and linoleum and the hauling away of the old product to the landfill.

This tub requires plumbing and electrical work.

This type of tub requires extensive renovation to the new bathroom and to the bathroom from which it was removed.

Some of these tubs are made in America, however most are currently being made in China and Mexico.